Direct Glazing


Timber frames are often complimented by full-length glazing, to create a bright interior and to maximise the visibility of the structure. The ‘direct’ or ‘applied’ glazing system is the industry standard and has been designed to marry traditional carpentry with contemporary needs for light and insulation.

Hi-tech meets traditional

Fresh sawn or ‘green’ timber will shrink and twist over time. To mitigate against this, toughened glass is applied to the external face of the timber frame and compressed against the frame using dry oak ’cover boards’. In-between the wood and the glass on both sides are specialist water-tight EPDM rubber seals. This method creates an effective weather-proof seal and an elegant external finish that echoes the look of the timber frame from the outside.

Tired UPVC

Here the light and warmth of a direct glazed timber-frame replaces an old and tired UPVC conservatory.

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