Field cabin

Built in a field on a smallholding with no mains power - just hand saws, hammers and the odd battery-powered tool - this cabin was built on site from a huge pile of locally sawn larch (and reclaimed windows). 

The aim was to provide a place to shelter from the elements and relax, to store wheelbarrows, tools, seeds and vegetables.

Roof detail

Cabins can be somewhere to live, put-up visitors, play, work, garden, or just enjoy!

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Potters Studio

This simple but beautiful 4”x 2” structure is bolted and nailed together. Reclaimed windows and doors complete the look.

Reciprocal roof woodland shelter

Made from locally-grown larch, this woodland hide-away has an unusual roof structure whereby each rafter supports, and is supported by its neighbouring rafters. (See also image top). 

The opening created in the top of the roof was left open to let out the smoke from the fire below.

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